About Us

Linesworth Limited is one of Nigeria’s foremost marketing communications agencies with well over two decades
of experience in creating, managing and growing brands.

Voted the “Most Dynamic Integrated Marketing Communications Company” in Nigeria 2021 and an earlier
“Innovation Award for Cutting Edge Marketing Communication Solutions – Abuja” in 2020, by MEA Markets, an
international rating agency, Linesworth has delivered and continues to deliver products and services that
engender brand loyalty.

At Linesworth every brief is subjected to our rigorous process of research, brainstorming and creative design
with a singular objective of presenting a most refined, simple but unique solution. Sometimes we may engage in
a deliberate creative disruptive approach, patterned after the natural process. Whichever approach we judge
most appropriate, we keep our eyes on the ball and the post. We have mastered this process over the years!
Our effective creative solutions, delivered with precision, at a cost that does not bore a hole in the pocket of our
clients has helped us to win the loyalty of the brands we manage over the years.

Linesworth is an equal opportunity agency. We stand against discrimination against women, child abuse and
child molestation in any form and shade. We believe that everyone should be allowed to grow and thrive as their
choices dictate. We stand for and support biodiversity.